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Road Redemption Game Modes

By Ian Fisch:

This is just a quick post to fill you guys in on the game modes we're currently working on for Road Redemption

Career Mode

In the game's main career mode, you (and friends) will journey accross the United States. This mode is a rogue-lite, which means that you only have one life and it's different every time you play. It also means that you'll be able to upgrade your character(s) after every playthrough. If you've played Binding of Isaac or Rogue Legacy than you're familiar with this type of game.

As you traverse the United States, missions/quests will sprout up organically. For instance, you'll be notified that an oil tanker full of precious petroleum has crashed 5 miles from your current position. All of the sudden you'll be in a race mission. Get first place and you'll win a huge bonus.

As you traverse from desert, to mountains, to cities, to forests, you'll face progressively more difficult enemies and gain awesome new weapons and abilities.

Career mode will be playable, in its entirely, in both 4-player splitscreen and online multiplayer.

There's a ton more to talk about here, but I'll save that for another day.

Multiplayer Quick Play

In this mode, you and your friends will choose a map, a weapon set, a bike, a game type (last man standing, race, team race, etc). Unlike the career mode, an average play in this mode will only take a few minutes.

On thing we're excited about in this mode is the ability to have each player control a gang of AI bots. If you've played League of Legends, you know the drill. Each player has his own team of minions. That means that every player can earn a bunch of satisfying takedowns every playthrough, without constantly being taken down himself. Of course, this will all be completely configurable, and you can disable AI gang members if you like.

This mode will also be playable via 4 player splitsceen and online.

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