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Grabs, Guns, and Grappling Hooks

By Ian Fisch:

So we're currently working on a lot of different aspects of Road Redemption. I'd like to talk about 3 of those today.


We've added the ability to grab riders when you get close to them. When you have another rider grabbed, a struggle begins. For a few seconds, you can guide the bike of the rider you're grabbing. It's a great way to make sure he has a head on collision with an incoming 18 wheeler.

You also have the option of slamming his head into the handlebars, taking off damage, if you think he'll break free of the grab before you have the chance to crash him into something nasty.

Finally, as always, you can give his bike a swift kick.


We're working on incorporating firearms back into the game. We're currently working on shotguns, magnum pistols, submachine guns, and grenade launchers.

Guns add a fun bit of variety to the game. They're very satisfying to use, and I think people will really enjoy them.

They don't necessarily give the player an advantage. It really depends on the situation. For example, if an enemy rider is on your side, you'll have more luck doing a mighty swing of a led pipe than you will lining up a shotgun blast.

Also, if the enemy is wearing kevlar, a swing of a sledge hammer will cause a lot more damage than a pistol shot.

Grappling Hooks

A third new feature is grappling hooks. These are especially useful on the rooftop levels.

The grappling hook weapon is basically a harpoon gun with a tether. You can grapple onto construction cranes to make your way in between two rooftops.

You can grapple onto fast-moving vehicles to get an extra speed boost.

You can even grapple onto other riders, yanking them from their motorcycle. There are a ton of fun possibilities.

So that's all for now. Time to get back to work.

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